Reached my website on a broken link?

Oops - broken link!

Simplifying my website recently may have caused some broken links. Apologies – and here’s links to my most popular pages/posts as a quick way of redirecting in the interim.

These are currently by far and away the most popular pages and posts that will have been affected by the changes to my site. I’ve since rediscovered a way of auto-redirecting broken links to a specific broken links page, so I’ll be maintaining a larger list there (as it seems not to work with posts… the joys of WordPress!) However, if you’ve come to this post after receiving a “Page doesn’t exist” error and the page doesn’t help, please contact me and I’ll help you find where it’s gone – if it’s a popular link I’ll add it to the broken links page.

In case you’re interested here’s a bit more info on the changes:

Having started to get round to putting a few thoughts to keyboard once more, I’ve realised that some of the structure underlying my blog (especially the categories that make up the urls) really don’t reflect what I’ve been doing for a while. So it’s time to simplify that.

It’s likely that this simplification, while making things simpler for both me as writer and you as reader, will have broken quite a few existing links. Sorry about that, but it’s better for the long run.

In particular, “Outdoors – cycling trekking hill-walking” has gone as a top level category. As most of what I write about is outdoors related. So each subcategory really should be a category in it’s own right. eg “cycling”, “walking” etc

And “Guidebooks and other writing” seems very out of date too. Guidebooks are still important, but realistically – my magazine and online work is just as important these days. “writing” makes far more sense now as well as being much shorter and simpler.

Photography and Travel also had a lot of unnecessary sub-categories. These are better served by tags, rather than cluttering up the categories.