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Apologies for the annoying anti-spam question – we’ve been getting too much recently, so have had to add this to cut it down to size!

Our Privacy Policy: We hate spam, so we fully understand that you would not want us to sell on your details to anyone else. That’s fine – we have no intention of doing so!

We will however use your details to get back to you, reply to any queries you have, and send you the occasional email about what we’re up to here. We may also need to pass your email and name to relevant organisations which we use to fulfil some of our services specifically to fulfil any service they are providing to you (this is mostly a future thing – we hope to have a TdPD luggage transfer service operating, but have yet to find a suitable provider…). We hope that’s OK with you, but if at any time you don’t want to receive any more emails from us about what we’re up to, then please drop us a message saying “unsubscribe” in the subject line (or hit the unsubscribe link in some of our mailings), and we’ll take you off the list.