Outdoors Blog

Buttermere-BLF26021base98PS_1000Welcome to the intermittent “outdoors” blog of Peak Images, kept out of date by Chiz Dakin.

Please note, this is an OUTDOORS blog, NOT a photo blog, even though photography is covered at times within it. Posts are mostly about walking, cycling, backpacking, wild-camping, ski-touring and gear reviews, along with some about photography, writing and film-making. From time to time they may also include random other topics that particularly interest or rile me at the time! (And yes, some images are taken on a smartphone… It’s an outdoors blog, not a photography one!)

I always intend to do more with this blog than I ever have time for, so please also visit me on Facebook Chiz Dakin or Twitter @peakimages if I’ve been more than usually slow at posting updates here!