Tour de Peak District cafes, pubs (and snackshops too)

Clotted cream tea is common in many parts of the Cotswolds - and is a well-earned treat after a good ride! (Chiz Dakin)

All cyclists know that one of the really enjoyable things about cycling is that well-earned break in a café or pub. Whether it’s a coffee and cake during the ride or a pint and pie afterwards, a good watering hole can really help make a route memorable!

With than in mind, I’m trying to gather up information on refreshment stops on, or near enough to, the Tour de Peak Dist cycling route:

  • These are mostly cafés and pubs, however there are a few bakeries and a couple of ice cream parlours. I’ve also included a few grocery/convenience stores either for ease of location in large towns, or where there’s very little in the way of alternatives in more rural areas.
  • I haven’t visited every place! Nor is that likely for a good while yet. It just means I’m aware of its existence, it looks like it might be open at least part of the time a cyclist might be passing, and in some cases have visited it personally.
  • I’ve not checked any routes to/from places off-route. They may or may not require a main road or other awkward obstacle to be surmounted on the way!
  • I’m slowly trying to add notes of closed days and early closing/late opening, but this will take a good while yet. Even where this is listed you should check each place’s website for individual information before relying on it to be open as things can change!
    • For pubs – please remember opening hours may well be only lunch/dinner times – or not at all during the weekday daytimes.
    • For cafés and bakeries – some shut very early in the day!
  • If there are any places I’ve missed or places that don’t work/aren’t good then please let me know – as well as the name and rough location of the place please also give me address and website for new listings or reason it’s not good if to be considered for de-listing. Thanks!

(Looking for cycle hire in the Peak District? Try this map of cycle hire outlets)

Accommodation – including those offering refreshment to day cyclists: I’m also slowly adding in overnight accommodation available along the TdPD – you can select to see just accommodation or just cafés (or just pubs etc) from the menu if there are too many icons! Some of this accommodation also offers refreshment stops during the daytime. Due to a limitation with the map markers, the icon seems to always show as accommodation, but if they also offer refreshments, they will be shown if you select cafés in the map category drop-down box.

You can scroll in or out on the map – and just click on any refreshment stop’s icon on the map for more details.

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(Icons from Nicolas Mollet’s Maps Icons Collection