Welcome to Peak Images. If you reached this page because you are interested in licencing one (or more) of my images, then I’m very happy to speak with you about your licensing requirements. Please initially use the Contact Me form on this website and give an outline of:

  • which image you want to use
  • for what purpose (eg web, print-magazine illustration, print-DMflyer 5000 copies etc)
  • where in the world (eg global, English-language only, UK etc)
  • how long you wish to use the image for

Don’t worry if you don’t yet know the answer to all of these – but the more information you can give me, the more accurate quote I can give you!

Copyright (and why copyright exists – for those that aren’t aware)

If you came to this page via browsing my site, then I hope you enjoyed my words and images, and found them interesting and useful. Obviously as a working photographer and writer, there are copyright restrictions on my work – both the images and the text – and it’s important that you respect the copyright.

Without copyright, it is impossible to produce images and words and still manage to keep a roof overhead, walls around and a bit of food on the table. With copyright, it gives photographers and writers the chance to recover the often significant costs of their endeavours and, perhaps, begin to make some sort of a living as well.  So please do the right thing and DON’T copy my text or download my images without permission (they’re pretty small and low-resolution anyhow, so won’t print very well!)

Watermarks/image theft

I do watermark my images for the simple reason that orphan works (images whose owner can no longer be traced) and plain simple theft of images has become a significant problem on the internet. And I’m not going to apologise for the watermarks or size of the images until such time as images can be placed on the net without being stolen.  Please note, should I find any infringement of my images and/or writing, the infringer will receive an invoice for a MINIMUM of 5x the normal commercial rate for the use being made of them. Viewing this site implies acceptance of this term. Sorry, I wish there was a better way where images and words were not stolen and reused – particularly for commercial gain, but until then I have to do what I can to protect my work and keep bringing in some income that helps to keep roof and walls around my head.