Linen Dale, near Eyam (Chiz Dakin)

Looking for links to route information, accommodation or refreshments info for cyclists in the Peak District or Cotswolds or rest of UK?

If so, please click the relevant link under Cycling in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. I am working on a way of getting the submenus to appear here, but have yet to find a good solution – it may take a while!

Why are Cycling and Walking on a Photography Website?

The Peak Images business expanded a good while ago now, from just pure landscape photography into all sorts of outdoors photography (including travel, adventure sports, wildlife) then also into writing and occasionally moving images such as timelapse and video-making. In fact these days it would be fair to say that I’m more of an outdoors writer that can do professional photography, than a photographer who specialises in the outdoors.

(And the blog of this website is no longer a “photography blog” in the slightest, but an outdoors blog with occasional professional photos. For my pro photos please see my galleries).

My main writing subjects tend to be walking and cycling, with two cycling guidebooks (Cycling in the Peak District and Cycling in the Cotswolds – published by Cicerone Press) already on the shelves.

Cycling Guidebooks

These books are full of half-day and full day routes which are neither technical mountain biking (ie I hate walking with my bike, so I assume you will too and try really hard to avoid seriously technical sections appearing in the books – unless it’s so short that it would be a real shame to lose an otherwise excellent route!) nor full of two mile routes “up to the teashop and back along a flat easy-going trail”. Instead it offers something in between that is hopefully of greater appeal to the majority of folks who ride a bike – however occasionally or keenly. And there’s a good multiday route at the end for more experienced riders (or as a challenge for those that have worked their way up through the easier routes)

Future expansion of cycling and walking on this website

I also intend that this section of the website will expand to include gear reviews, route ideas and general cycling/walking thoughts – but I need a little more free time in the office than I’ve currently got!