A new adventure – Patagonia

Sometimes a new adventure is just what you need to wake up and feel renewed.

There’s the challenge of the adventure itself, are you capable of doing it? Will you enjoy it? Will it be worth it?

When it’s a tougher challenge than you’ve done before, especially one with no resupply over a longer period than you’ve tried before, there’s often a lot of planning involved too.

What kit is needed? How will I carry it all? How on earth can I reduce it to a manageable weight and size? Yet still be warm enough, well enough fed and with enough “protection” gear for glacier travel and a potential Alpine-like summit…

And then there’s the camera gear – normally weighing in at more than the smaller weights of handbaggage often allows for. Not to mention all the extra batteries needed…

Oh and did I mention fitness? Hmm, that one’s still worrying me. Especially if running doesn’t come back as an option soon. But I’ve still got… errr 3.5 months? Eeek, that’s catching up quick. I need to start really planning this!

Where am I off to?

Well, the pic is very old, but it perhaps gives some idea of the region 🙂 (if not the actual peak we have in mind though!)