Update – Canon G9 fixed :)

Got my Canon G9 back from Canon service centre this morning, and I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed.

They’ve had it for just over a week, door-to-door, and it’s gone from being a total brick to being as good as new again. The fixed fee of £100 covered a new circuit board (looks like the power circuit board), servicing and cleaning and a couple of screws.

When I sent it off, I really thought this could be the end of that camera, and even though it’s not my main camera by a long way, it does a couple of jobs that the others can’t – such as shots underwater or that involve a serious risk of dunking), and the new task I’d only just discovered for it cycling – video while pedalling!

I was also fearing it could be a long wait for it, even if it was repairable. Fears all totally unjustified. It’s the first time I’ve used Canon’s service centre for a compact (even if a fairly high end one) and it’s a lot better than I was expecting – really impressed.