New Antarctic images

I’ve finally started work on a photobook of my Antarctic images from more than a year ago! And I know I’m really behind with my blog at the moment – so many things have been going on recently. But I thought I’d share a few of these Antarctic images with you over the next few days, before catching up on more recent images from the Peak District Walking/Outdoors Festival events (photowalks and cycling) and some recent short trips away in the UK (including the Farne Islands).

So this one’s from the Lemaire Channel. Nicknamed Kodak Alley for the extraordinary photogenic properties of the landscape, we were unfortunate to meet a snowstorm and fog early in the morning as we passed through. I’ve applied a bit of (digital) selenium toning to the image (although it’s otherwise a very “straight” image) as I think this gives a better impression of the coldness, wilderness and remoteness of the landscape.

Falling snow in the Lemaire Channel (often nicknamed Kodak Alley for the photogenic properties of the landscape) (Chiz Dakin)

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