Kiersten’s Camera Lessons – wildlife enthusiast meets landscape photographer!

It’s always nice when you get really good feedback from your trainees. I took Kiersten Rowland of Spanish Highs through one of my photography courses in exchange for being my chauffeur for the week and showing me around some great locations while I was over there.

This is what she had to say about the course – my-camera-lessons-with-chiz-dakin. And although I’m primarily a landscape and adventure sports photographer, wildlife has been consistently getting between my lens and the landscape for a couple of years now, so when Kiersten said how much she really wants to be able to capture good shots of all the fantastic wildlife around the Sierras, I was able to adapt my tuition to fit her preferred genre of photography. After all it’s still outdoors!

Many of the lessons I’d learned from adventure sports photography apply equally as well to wildlife – the major difference is that it’s usually easier to find your subject when you know they’re going to be cycling down that bit of trail, or climbing that particular route on that particular crag. Wildlife isn’t so obliging, which is why part of the skill is knowing your subject, and where it’s likely to be found!

I can’t help too much with that, but I can help you get a better shot of it if you do find it!