A short Timelapse – Arctic Norway 2

Just a quick post about a little timelapse video from my trip to Arctic Norway in early April to view the Northern lights. I’ve called it End of an Arctic Day – as it’s just a short bit of picture-skew relaxation while waiting for the sky to darken and the Lights to come out and play.  (It takes all day to recharge them you know 😉 )

Oh, and yep, this post is also really almost just to say I’m still here! Yes, I know, I’ve been very laggardly at posting this year – pressure of work, computer hassles (a new video rig that had to be rebuilt a month after first build… – more on that later) etc etc…

And there’s a very first few images of the Arctic scenery and Northern Lights here too. More to come when I rob Peter AND Paul for extra time on those!

2 thoughts on “A short Timelapse – Arctic Norway

  • Frank Middleton

    I am looking for a book on looking after cameras and setting up for northrn lights in Norway in February 2013
    I am taking a Nikon D300 and Nikon D7000 as back up with 12-24 nikon lens + a back up. I have been having great difficulty trying to get any one to help or put me in right direction, this is probably the last time doing this as I am now 74
    If you could give me the name of book or website that may help it would be much appreciated
    Thanking you Frank

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