Travels With a Camera site updated

Yesterday I had a really useful conversation with a wordpress expert – Joke de Winter (it’s pronounced Yoka, so don’t laugh) who I got to know through the Banks Mill community. It was amazing how just being able to float some of the ideas I had for the site at someone who understands the technology behind the scenes made them gel together better. Since then I’ve found a bit more confidence to poke and prod at the site. And while some things will take quite a long while to come through the pipeline (and some grant funding!), such as integrating my galleries into this site, rather than being separate at, there’s already a few useful changes to the site.

I’ve finally sussed out how to rearrange my pages in the navigation bar – a much needed improvement before I add more pages to the site!

And talking of adding new pages to the site, I’ve also started to make some changes to my pages – now I better understand the difference between posts vs pages, and categories vs tags. I kind of understood the concepts before, but just talking through a few things has made me realise that I wasn’t using them to the best advantage, and I should do more pages like the new “About Me” and Workshops”  pages.

Finally, I’ve found a “contact me” plug-in – an important thing that had been missing for a while. We’ll see how this one works, but it looks good so far.

More to come, but it’s a start 🙂