Digital Economy Bill – Stop Clause 43 (previously Clause 42)

Stop Clause 43When I wrote my last post on this subject I was missing some important information. Namely that the Lords had not amended Clause 42 (now Clause 43). That rather changes my thinking on the Bill, from being unsure about it, back to thinking that it IS a real disaster for photographers.

While I think about it further, I’ve found a few links that explain some of the issues that make Clause 43 so bad for both professional and amateur photographers.

  • EPUK explains the most pressing pitfalls of the Digital Economy Bill,
  • is a new site dedicated to campaigning against Clause 43 of the Bill (the most damaging clause of the Bill for photographers),
  • Copyright Action gives a detailed rebuttal of the Government’s platitudes – which seem little more than hollow words intended to keep photographers quiet until they’ve implemented the damaging detail of the Digital Economy Bill
  • The Creators Rights Alliance provides a very useful Clarifying the Bill document

Stop Clause 43 of the Digital Economy Bill