Off to Argentina for some exotic images

I´ve had enough! Of grey skies and dull winter days that is! With several exotic outdoors images required for various publications, I´ve headed off southwards for a bit. Quite a long way south in fact – I´ve gone to dodge icebergs and scarily cute penguins in Antarctica!

As getting to the ship involves flying to South America, then it would be daft not to explore the area on the way. So I´m currently en-route to Argentina, heading for the Iguazu Falls.

Currently I´ve made it as far as Santiago airport in Chile, with 24 hrs of flying, one more flight to go today, and some really daft officials (the friendly customs lass had just about agreed that my cereal bars were fine, when a total jobsworth stepped in and stomped his size 13´s (and microscopic search of the ingredients list) to say “no I couldn´t step over the customs line with them”. Worse still, he got really grumpy when I wanted to eat them then and there (I really was hungry after 24hrs of nothing but airline food!) and threatened to fine me, even though I wasn´t over the customs line at that point!

Anyhow, daft officials aside, on the way to Antarctica, I´ll probably explore a few other parts of Argentina and Chile, taking lots of stunning outdoors pictures as I go – as ever landscape photographs and wildlife images being some of my favourites.

I´m not yet sure if I can get any of my exotic outdoors images uploaded while on the road (if Santiago airport is anything to go by, it´s not looking good for that 🙁 ), and certainly will have very limited contact (if any!) while in Antarctica, but I´ll do my best to keep you updated of my adventures as I travel from Argentina to Antarctica.