Advance Copy of Outdoor Photography looks great!

I’ve just very sadly had to post back my advance copy of “Outdoor Photography“, my latest book published by Cicerone – apparently the reviewers need to see it too! But the only reason I’m sad is that I couldn’t keep it longer – it looks absolutely stunning (even if I do say so myself).

I feel very privileged to have been invited to join in the re-write of this second edition by the original author Jon Sparks – it was a great opportunity to show some of the knowledge and tricks of the trade I’ve learned over my lifetime so far, and it was also really enjoyable to write. Although each of us took the lead on individual chapters, once the first draft was done, we then handed over each chapter to the other – to add, delete, refine etc, so each chapter (other than the intro, which we really didn’t think needed much change from the 1st edition!) really was a co-operative effort.

Likewise with the images, with the exception of the underwater ones – Jon doesn’t dive, so they’re all mine!

It’s not quite out on the shelves yet – that’ll be another week or two. But it’s expected to arrive mid-August, and will be available from Cicerone, myself, and all good bookshops and outdoor stores for £14.95. Much cheaper than a new camera, and we hope it’ll improve your technique more than a few extra pixels!