Walking Guidebooks

And just in case you thought the photography was beginning to dominate the writing, one of the reasons this site has been a little neglected in the last couple of months is that I’ve been hard at work on my first guidebook. Its a short walking guidebook to some of the best walks in the White Peak, and its been a steep learning curve.

I soon discovered that writing a guidebook is nowhere near as simple as just going for a few walks and jotting down a few notes about where the path goes!! But it’s been an interesting process and I’ve learned a lot about the history of some places that I’ve been lots of times before, yet never knew its background before doing the research for this book. Anyhow, its nearly ready to be sent to the publishers! Now, the time it takes to actually go through the publishing process does unfortunately mean that it won’t be in the shops for a while yet – but you heard it here first, and it will be announced again once it’s available for sale!