Photography Tips and Techniques

Apologies, this section used to contain articles I’ve written on various photographic issues. However, they currently seem to have gone AWOL.

The section was quite old, so it may be gone for good, but if I find it again I’ll reinstate it here. Otherwise, my apologies, but time is limited at the moment and it will be some time before I start to create new ones again.

(Each article either offers advice on how to get better results, and lists some of the common problems encountered or is a more general article on a particular technical subject (eg aperture priority).

Some of the articles were first published on Suite 101 or elsewhere, others are only found on this website. But if you wish to reuse any, please ask me first – it’s only fair when I’ve taken the time and effort to produce them! And yes, commercial use will require a reasonable payment – that’s only fair too!)