Sleeping bags that can walk and make you tea!

How many times have you been holed up in a tent, snuggled up in your sleeping bag for warmth as it’s biting cold outside – and even inside the tent. But all the time wishing you could read a book, cook some dinner, make a tea, or even go and visit your mate in the next tent… but you can’t, because winged bacon will be whizzing past your tent long before you put one digit outside the warmth and comfort of your sleeping bag!

Finding a one season sleeping bag with stretchy bits – so you could move your legs around inside it without losing warmth – such as the Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher one I own was a great start. But I’ve long wished for a sleeping bag with arms. Now it seems an American company has gone and done just that –  even gone one better by including legs too! I’m not quite sure how well it’ll work in reality, but as a concept it’ll take some beating. I suspect they’ll need a smaller size than currently available in their down option (selk bag 3) to fit women and many men – at 1.95m length, the smallest is still clearly for someone over six foot tall. It’s also not the lightest around – according to the US distributor’s site, it’s nearly 2kg for a -5C comfort rating.

And ok, mebbe I was exaggerating about it getting up and making the tea for you – but it’d certainly keep you warm while you get that brew on!

It’s available in the UK online from LippiSelkBagStore and at prices between £79 (synthetic fill) and £169 (duck down) it compares well against the cost of a standard 3-4 season sleeping bag.