This page contains some of my recent publicly available short films and timelapse sequences. Not all my films are here, as some are still in the making and haven’t yet had their public premiere or I don’t have enough rights to show them on my own website (sometimes the way with collaborative work such as film-making!) – in which case, if I’ve sent you a password to view a film then it will be at the URL I’ve sent you a link to. More (typically older) films can be seen on my vimeo page.

Tax Return

Tax Return was a collaborative video made by all of us on the three day Kendal Mountain Film Academy in 2012 run by Keith Partridge and Brian Hall.

Journey – From the Kendal Mountain Film Academy 48hr Film Challenge

We had great fun making this film (despite the editing getting a bit fraught at times under such a deadline) and hope you enjoy it too!

It was made for the 2012 Kendal Mountain Festival 48hr challenge. I teamed up with another participant on the Kendal Adventure Film Academy – Gavin Shand. We’d not met before, so no time to prepare a storyline/idea in advance…

The weather was what it was on the day, and our rider changed from “seriously good technical mountain biker” to “good cyclist,but not a mountain biker” at 9pm on the Wed eve!

(The challenge runs 6pm Wed –6pm Fri:

  •  Wed is for getting the story nailed
  •  Thurs shooting and
  •  Fri editing)

Which was a bit of a challenge for the storyline…

I also wished I’d taken my Zoom H4n out on location instead of the provided mics (which should have been even better but weren’t – for any of the teams!). Having said that I’m seriously impressed with my attempt at a blind (ie couldn’t see the visuals while re-recording the sound!) lip-synch on my line at the start of the film – other than the better quality, can you tell the sound was recorded seperately from the visuals? 🙂 Just wish we’d been able to do that for Maddy’s lines too…

In redeveloping the storyline, we discovered we needed a second actor at about 11pm on Wed. Too late to ask anyone else, so one of us had to do it. It seemed to cause some amusement with just how many rounds of “rock, paper, scissors”had to be gone through before one of us “lost” and had to be the actor rather than camera operator!


Timelapse – Northern Lights – Vesterålen Isles, Norway

I’d wanted to go to the Lofoten Isles for more than a decade, and finally got the chance this September. On the way we passed through the Vesteraalen Isles, which are equally as spectacular in places, but much less well known. I’d been intending to get some photos of the northern lights, and as I’ve been experimenting with timelapse for a bit, decided to set up the camera to shoot the rest of the night after I’d got some good stills. There’s a saying that the Northern Lights tend to arrive between 12 and 2am – I think that’s perhaps just becuase folks are more likely to be awake then – this footage was shot between about 1:30am and 4am, and there was a very good display around about 3am!

Below this point, films don’t appear to play nicely with “scaling on”. I’m not 100% sure why, as later films don’t have this problem… But if it looks highly compressed, it’s probably best not to view it full screen with scaling on…

Timelapse – End of An Arctic Day – NW Norway, near Tromsø

Just a short bit of timelapse fun with the GoPro while waiting for it to get dark enough to see the Northern Lights 🙂 But what a view from the cabin window, methinks Just is very fortunate to live in this part of the world!

Timelapse-King Haakon Bay

A short timelapse clip from my expedition to South Georgia, showing the chaos of unloading gear on the beach in King Haakon Bay (pronounced King Hokon Bay by the Norwegians in our group – I guess they’re most likely to have the correct pronunciation!).

Roldan and “Jonny”

A short video from the Falkland Isles, where they have a very unusual bird of prey – a fearsome scavenger called the Striated Caracara. The best I can describe it is like a cross between a kea (highly intelligent and mischievous New Zealand parrot) and a big black crow, with a bit of eagle thrown in to make it a bird of prey!

It’s surprising how shy it can be though – when it’s being offered food! Chef Roldan offers scraps to the resident population on Carcass Isle, but will he get any takers?

(And yes, this is a very rough edit – it should be smoother on the transitions, but that takes time I don’t have right at this minute – hopefully when the current project has ended, I’ll have a lot more time to catch up on properly editing all the video I’ve got piled up!)