Motor vehicles excluded from Chapel Gate MTB route until end 2012 2

A temporary 18month ban on off-road motor vehicles (trail-bikes, quad-bikes and 4x4s) is about to come into force on Chapel Gate – a notoriously difficult and eroded ancient highway which has become a bit of a mecca for both technical mountain bikers and motorised off-roaders. The route was closed for repairs until May 2011, and the ban comes into force as soon as it reopens.

Time will tell if this makes a difference to the erosion on the route (the reason given for the ban), and whether the landscape recovers more quickly without  the 4x4s and trailbikers, (it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t, unless it’s irreparably damaged!) but in the meantime, technical mountain bikers will be able to enjoy the route without conflict with motorised users. Those liking less technical terrain may prefer some of the routes in my guidebook (Cycling in the Peak District) over Shatton Moor and past the cement works at Hope – which have been restricted byways/bridleways for quite some time!

Update 11.8.2011 – According to the Peak District National Park Authority:

“A legal notice has now been made which means no recreational motor vehicles can use the route from August 31 until the end of February 2013, towards the end of which time a decision will made on whether to make a permanent ban.

The trial ban affects a 3km route which skirts Rushup Edge and runs along a high ridge crossing a landscape of the highest international importance for its wildlife and natural beauty.”

2 thoughts on “Motor vehicles excluded from Chapel Gate MTB route until end 2012

  • PeakImages

    Well I can’t promise they’re actually enforcing the ban – well outside my control! But as far as I understand it, chapel gate was meant to be shut for repairs til end May, then the ban comes into force straight after ie start June. So should be running now… But if 4x4s are still using mebbe it needs PDNPA to start enforcing the ban!


    oh, so those large muddy things with four wheels and create lots of smoke,mess and pollution, that chase up and down the Chapel Gate track each day are a figment of my imagination are they? I had to wait quite a while a few days ago whilst a number of them queued to get off the Mam Nick end and onto the track. There are no signs there as yet to say it will be closed…. when’s it supposed to be happening? We residents will be glad to see it.

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