Canon 5mk3 announced just before Focus 2012

Hasty post as book deadline too close for comfort now, but it seems the Canon 5mk3 has just been announced. Just in time for Focus…

Headline features for video:

  • audio monitoring while recording – both headphone jack and live audio levels on screen. Thanks for listening Canon 🙂
  • iso 50 – 102,400
  • same ALL-i and IPB compression as 1Dx
  • 30min clip length
  • timecode setting
  • weather sealing
  • CF & SD slots

Headline features for photo:

  • NO MP increase – well done Canon, that’s really appreciated 🙂
  • 61point AF – much needed 🙂
  • 6fps shooting – likewise a big improvement over mk2
  • Dual card SD/CF slots
  • HDR mode? Gimmick or genuinely useful? We’ll see what it’s like in practice…
  • Likewise the in-camera rating function…


Update, there’s two, not one. I missed the lack of flip LCD screen, really very surprised not to see that incorporated. Come on Canon – that’s really important for video…!

Previously… Only one – that £3k price tag… (it’s available for pre-order at warehouse express) Can’t help but feel they’ve pitched that a bit too high – £2-2.5k might have hordes of folks raiding the mortgage, but £3k suddenly feels a bit too close to the 1Dx price. Is it a gambit to stop demand running away in the first few weeks? Who knows, but I’m hoping for a price drop after the initial enthusiasm has died down, or it’s beyond my over-over-overdraft limit for now 🙁