2011 Calendar – Limited Edition, Antarctic Wildlife

[singlepic id=2422 w=200 h=160 float=left] This year my calendars are in very short supply. I’ve come to the realisation that although last year’s calendar was really nice, sadly the cost of producing such a calendar on a short production run isn’t viable. So for this year (at least, perhaps next too), I’ve reverted back to CD case calendars as (although they actually cost a bit more to produce each one  compared to last years A4 hanging calendar), at least I can control the amount produced and only produce them as they get ordered and don’t end up paying for lots more than some galleries (now no longer in existence) were able to sell! Which last year was a rather expensive lesson!

So this year, I’ve decided to limit the numbers to 15, giving them rarity value. I’ve already sold 3, and have orders for 6 more, so it’s probably worth ordering fairly quickly to ensure you get one, as once I’ve done 15, that’s it! (I’m also signing and adding the limited edition number on the back sheet of each to add to their exclusivity.)

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them images 🙂

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