Peak District Cafes for walkers and cyclists

As all cyclists and walkers know – one of the reasons for all that exercise is to justify the café/tea shop/pub stop part-way around a route – or at the end. Or if it’s a really tough route, it may even be possible to justify both!

Below is a map of some of the many known good refreshment stops in the Peak District and nearby surrounds, who are happy to welcome cyclists and/or walkers.

Where possible, I’ve included the latest known phone number, website and opening hours (where I can find reasonably up to date information), but as always, keeping a list like this up to date is never easy, so its always best to check with any establishment before relying on it to be open after cycling 50miles to get to it! And of course, if you spot anything that’s gone out of date, please do contact me and I’ll update it as soon as I can!

NB Updated Nov 2023 But sadly several cafes that were on the previous list have gone. Where they were the only cafe I had on the map in their area I have kept the listing, but instead changed the icon to red to show it’s now closed (as if you’re like me, you’ll remember “there was that fab place in xxx, can’t recall their name, but lets ride there” and then discover it’s no longer there!)

Cafés in and around the Peak District:


Map icons from Maps Icons Collection

The Tour de Peak District has its own dedicated page for refreshment options (NB Nov 2023 this is not yet updated).