This page is a brief glimpse into some of the really nice things that photographers who have been on one of my photo courses recently have said about me. (I’d like to include all the nice comments I’ve had, but then this page might get a little bit long and unwieldy – so these few give a flavour of the type of feedback my clients give me.)

The first one I’m going to reproduce in full, as Rob had a specific aim in mind when he booked on one of my bluebells trails earlier this year, and his email tells the story really well:

Hi Chiz,
Many thanks,
A belated thank you for my bluebell trail morning with you at the end of April.
I think you asked what my objective was & I said to try and get at least one image which generated a comment of more than “nice try, next please” from a competition judge.
Lots of my images from that morning showed how much work I still need to do on my focussing technique but one was, I felt, worth printing & entering in competition.
Am just in from that competition;  60-70 entries and opposition was unusually stiff but I still felt disappointed when, after a fairly detailed critique on every other print, all my bluebells got was a “yeah, works OK, next please”.
I was therefore utterly astounded when, after running through his final selections for awarding the usual ‘commended’, ‘highly commended’, 3rd & 2nd, he put my bluebell print back on the stand and said “couldn’t see anything in this to improve on – 1st place by a good margin”.
So, objective achieved – and more than!

The next two comments are from students who came on one of my full-day courses (which are sometimes booked as a subcontract from other photographers)

Please pass on my thanks to Chiz for the course she led. I had a great day and am already looking forward to next weekend when I can get out an practise my skills in the peak.

(Gary, Ashbourne)

Thank you for a great day out.  If anyone asks for a photography day I would have no problem in recommending you.

It was only 48 hours after the event that I really began to understand the small things Chiz had taught me.  All I have to do now is practice!!!

(both from Mark, Ashbourne)